• matcha vegan mousse
    Vegan Matcha Mousse Dessert Recipe
    This silky smooth, Vegan Matcha Mousse dessert recipe made with soft tofu is protein rich and oh so yummy you’ll have a hard time resisting that second helping! Matcha green tea’s umami flavor combines delightfully with the mousse’s slight sweetness making your...
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  • woman drinking matcha tea for oral health
    Matcha Green Tea for Oral Health
    Do you need another reason to smile about the cup of matcha in your hands? According to a 2011 scientific review on matcha and oral health – regularly drinking matcha green tea has a long list of oral health benefits – making...
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  • Matcha Green Beer Recipe
    Matcha Green Beer Recipe
    Matcha Green Beer Recipe And Enjoy St. Paddy’s Day! Looking for a Matcha Green Beer recipe for St. Patrick’s Day, or just a fun matcha green tea beverage or cocktail to cool off with on a hot sunny day? Look no further,...
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  • blueberries, matcha, my matcha life, calli obrien, vancouvr, bc, yvr
    Should You Add Dairy Milk To Matcha Green Tea?
    Who doesn’t like a tasty, foamy, frothy matcha latte? Sprinkle a little cinnamon or dark chocolate on top, and it’s oh-so-yummy! But the question has been asked – Does adding dairy milk (from cow, sheep, or goat) to your matcha green tea...
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  • telomeres, my matcha life, calli obrien, anti-aging, vancouver, bc, yvr
    Matcha and Telomeres: The Anti-Aging Connection
    In the quest for the elusive fountain of youth, we often stumble upon fascinating discoveries that link our daily choices to the aging process. One such discovery involves telomeres, those mysterious protectors at the end of our chromosomes. If you’re a Matcha...
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  • matcha face mask, my matcha life, calli obrien, vancouver, bc, yvr
    A Recipe for Success! MML Shares Matcha DIY Face Masks
    Summertime is a fun time but also a time to be skin cautious! Fortunately for all of us who worry about the face we put forward, there is a good body of scientific studies suggesting that green tea not only fights free...
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  • my matcha life, matcha mask, beach, summer skin damage, calli obrien, vancouver, yvr, bc
    Matcha: Your Summertime Skin Go-to for Protection
    Summertime skin and Matcha Green Tea. How are these two intricately connected you ask? Summertime is the season we most worry about our skin. The media bombards us about the damaging effects of UV rays, salt water, wind, pollution, etc, and the...
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  • matcha, kids, teens, smoothies, my matcha life, calli obrien, green drinks
    Matcha & Teenagers: How to Ease Concentration Anxiety
    Do you or your teenagers suffer anxiety issues or lapses in concentration or both? If so, drinking just one cup of high-quality matcha green tea every day may help. Tea leaves contain an important amino acid called L-theanine which plays an important...
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  • Matcha: Is It Worth the Hype & Cost?
    Matcha: Is It Worth the Hype & Cost?
    You have likely heard how great green tea is for you, and its amazing health benefits for weight loss, reduced stress levels, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, high blood pressure etc. But studies show you’d have to drink numerous cups of green tea every day...
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  • Matcha Caffeine Content: How Much Caffeine is in Matcha?
    Matcha Caffeine Content: How Much Caffeine is in Matcha?
    Through years of travel, demos, and trade shows, we have come to learn that matcha tea drinkers truly love their matcha. Matcha is a very popular beverage, mainly for its health benefits, antioxidants, and its lower level of caffeine compared to coffee—which...
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  • https://mymatchalife.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/Woman-Drinking-Smoothie.jpg
    Good News: Studies Show Matcha’s EGCG May Reduce Fibroids
    Is there a woman in your life around 35 or over? Or do you fit that category? If so, there is a 70% likelihood that you or she may have fibroids, and of that 70%, half of those aged 35-49 have fibroids...
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  • l-theanine, matcha, calli obrien, vancouver, my matcha life, bc, yvr
    Matcha: Reduce Stress in Teens with L-Theanine
    For more than a decade, Calli has been speaking at special events, store demos, and matcha marketing campaigns. Having spoken with at least 40,000 people, many of whom drink a good quality matcha almost every day, one thing she finds in common...
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  • L-Theanine Benefits: Matcha’s Wellness Boosting Amino Acid
    L-Theanine Benefits: Matcha’s Wellness Boosting Amino Acid
    Did you know that matcha includes the same nutritional benefits found in 10 cups of regular green tea? Famous for its antioxidants and low amounts of caffeine, matcha has one more secret ingredient in its wellness-boosting arsenal: L-theanine, an amino acid unique...
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  • Sarah Cuff endurance athlete running through the mountains. My Matcha Life blog post on training your body to be more metabolically efficient.
    Using the Power of Matcha to Turn Fat into Fuel
    Teaching your body to burn fatty acids for fuel may be easier than you thought. If your weight has plateaued to a place you are not happy with, or you are a performance athlete trying to optimize energy levels, our long-time friend...
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  • What’s the Best Matcha Powder for You?
    What’s the Best Matcha Powder for You?
    Have you ever wondered what the best matcha powder would be for you? Here at My Matcha Life®, we sell different kinds of matcha to help our customers find the best option to meet their needs. For further assistance, read on to...
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  • How to Whisk Matcha for the Perfect Froth
    How to Whisk Matcha for the Perfect Froth
    Matcha tea has been around literally for centuries. Today more people than ever before enjoy its unique taste, outstanding health benefits, and its distinctive frothy texture. To create this texture at home, follow this easy step-by-step guide to whisking your matcha into...
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  • Matcha vs Coffee: Everything You Need to Know
    Matcha vs Coffee: Everything You Need to Know
    Matcha or coffee: Which is your beverage of choice? Many people want to stop drinking coffee because of its high caffeine, so we created a fun matcha vs coffee chart. Simply check out the chart below — or read the full post...
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  • Ceremonial Grade Matcha vs. Culinary Grade Matcha: What’s the Difference?
    Ceremonial Grade Matcha vs. Culinary Grade Matcha: What’s the Difference?
    Whether you are new to drinking matcha or you’ve been sipping on this green tea for some time, you have likely heard of ceremonial grade matcha and culinary grade matcha. But what is the difference between the two? And is one grade...
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  • Five Ways to Drink Matcha
    Five Ways to Drink Matcha
    Here are five delicious ways to drink and use matcha green tea! If you just purchased your first ceremonial or premium or even culinary grade matcha powder, you’re probably ready to get brewing. Before you grab the closest mug and start mixing,...
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  • matcha green tea in traditional matcha bowlwith powder
    Six Health Benefits from Drinking Matcha Tea
    While drinking matcha tea may be a new ritual for some, matcha has actually been around for centuries. Matcha dates as far back as the Tang Dynasty (600-900 AD) where it was one of the most common teas consumed. But what makes...
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  • Best Time to Drink Matcha Tea
    When is the Best Time for Matcha?
    When is the best time to drink matcha? That is a very good question and at My Matcha Life, we are in a unique position to offer you an educated answer. Green tea boosts metabolism, burns fat, reduces stress and helps you...
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  • My Matcha Life CEO Calli O'Brien
    3 Easy Ways to Burn Fat and Lose Weight with Matcha
    Looking for a few tips on how to burn fat and lose weight with matcha green tea? If you are as frustrated with not getting results as I was, then you’ll be pleased to know pure Matcha Green Tea can help. To...
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  • Zinc in Matcha Tea
    Matcha’s EGCG Catechin Helps Zinc Boost Immunity
    Having learned from the world’s top matcha tea masters for 15 years and having guest-lectured at the Smithsonian Institute, we thought we were pretty smart matcha cookies. But recently we learned something new that we are excited to share! Matcha’s EGCG catechin...
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  • Matcha Immune Boosting Smoothie Recipe
    Matcha Immune Boosting Smoothie Recipe
    Drink Matcha, Eat Dark Chocolate – Research Suggests Looking to boost your immune system naturally? Check out our recipe below! Based on exciting new green tea studies regarding immunity and how it relates to Matcha’s EGCG catechin, we’ve created a simple, nutritious,...
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  • Matcha: More Than an Immune Boosting Superfood!
    Matcha: More Than an Immune Boosting Superfood!
    Matcha green tea powder is one of nature’s most impressive superfood. While EGCG catechins and L-theanine amino acid are exclusive* to the tea plant, good quality matcha tea provides nature’s highest source of them, along with viral inhibiting tannins, and theophylline for...
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  • Matcha Latte with Nia Peeples
    How to Make a Matcha Latte with Nia Peeples
    Actress Nia Peeples and Calli O’Brien make a yummy Matcha Latte. See also Nia Peeples Makes a Matcha Martini “A gal has to have her ‘go to’ items. These are often things we travel with. For me, one of the most valuable...
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  • Matcha News Media Release
    My Matcha Life Launches Matcha pUre
    My Matcha Life Media Release My Matcha Life Launches Matcha pUre™ Matcha Goodness in Single Packet Convenience VANCOUVER, Canada ( July 21, 2017 ) — My Matcha Life™ Products Inc. is very pleased to introduce the newest member of our popular family...
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  • This is Matcha
    Forget Everything You Knew About Tea: This is Matcha!
    For over 4,000 years the Chinese have used tea as a medicine for inflammation, fever, anxiety and a host of other health concerns. They introduced visiting Japanese Zen Buddhist monks to its wonderful healing properties in the 8th or 9th century in...
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  • Seven Matcha Buying Tips
    How to Decide on the Best Matcha for You: 7 Matcha Buying Tips
    7 Matcha Buying Tips You’ve just heard how great matcha green tea is for your health, but now you need to decide which is the best matcha for you to buy! Matcha’s new popularity especially among western consumers has created an unprecedented...
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  • My Matcha Life Cycle
    Matcha: Cyclists Secret Weapon?
    “I’ve just discovered a secret weapon for cyclists,” says Average Joe Cyclist, a popular Vancouver-based blogger and cycling enthusiast. “I’ve been drinking My Matcha Life tea for the last three weeks – and during that short time my number of miles cycled...
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  • My Matcha Life Memory
    Health News: Green Tea Preserves Memory
    Green Tea Preserves Memory Modern science, ancient tea. They’re coming together today in ways worth paying attention to. Whether you’re over 80, recently retired or related to somebody who is, new science shows green tea may hold the secret to a longer...
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  • Matcha Buyer Beware
    Matcha Buyer Beware
      Matcha Buyer Beware If you’ve shopped around for matcha lately, you know there’s a good deal of hype out there over matcha’s health benefits. We say “hype” because much of it is being touted by marketers eager to cash in on...
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  • Matcha Report 2015
    The Matcha Report: Co-Authored by Calli O’Brien
      The Matcha Report Matcha tea continues to be the hottest health trend moving through 2015. Co-author of The Matcha Report and CEO of My Matcha Life, Calli O’Brien, along with tea analyst and Sage Group founder Brian Keating dig into the...
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  • Meet Your Matcha! My Matcha Life Should Be Your Go-To!
    Meet Your Matcha! My Matcha Life Should Be Your Go-To!
    Next to water, tea is undeniably the most popular beverage on earth. A favourite in Asia for over 5,000 years, this ubiquitous product is now encroaching upon consumer markets perpetually dominated by coffee and even soft drinks. According to the U.S. Tea...
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  • Waist Not! Lose that Belly Fat with My Matcha Life
    Waist Not! Lose that Belly Fat with My Matcha Life
    Waist Not Weight loss? Researchers are hard at work finding out exactly how green tea aids in weight loss. They believe it speeds the rate at which fat is broken down in the body. A study printed in a recent issue of...
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