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My Matcha Life Cycle

“I’ve just discovered a secret weapon for cyclists,” says Average Joe Cyclist, a popular Vancouver based blogger and cycling enthusiast.

“I’ve been drinking My Matcha Life tea for the last three weeks – and during that short time my number of miles cycled per week has doubled.”

Wow! We know matcha tea has terrific health-promoting properties, but even we were pleasantly surprised to read Joe’s recent blog heralding our product.

Joe shares blogging duties with his wife Maggie. Together they host a popular portal devoted to everyday cyclists and cycling in and around the BC lower mainland. Check it out here.

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  • Matcha Packets To Go 24 pk

    Matcha pUre Single Packets To Go (24 pk)

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  • Foodies Culinary Matcha Green Tea

    Foodies Culinary Matcha Tea

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  • Baristas Premium Matcha Green Tea

    Baristas Premium Matcha Tea

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