why matcha

Why Matcha

It’s a question we hear all the time. Why matcha? What’s all the hype about?

Well, for starters, the gentle energy boost and calm mental clarity that matcha is famous for are just the beginning of matcha tea’s nutritional revolution.

Matcha is made from the same plant as most other teas (black, green, oolong), but it’s the undisputed champion when it comes to improving body and brain health.

The secret is the unique way matcha tea leaves are grown, harvested, processed and consumed.

Concentrated Powder

Matcha tea plants spend weeks in the shade beneath specially designed coverings just prior to harvest. This elevates the chlorophyll that gives matcha it’s unique taste and rich green color.

The tea leaves are then hand-picked, lightly steamed to prevent oxidation, air dried, de-stemmed and slowly stone ground into an ultra-fine, concentrated powder. In fact, it takes a full hour of grinding to produce just one ounce of our organic ceremonial grade matcha.

This ancient, labour intensive process is the difference between high-quality Japanese matcha and low-grade matcha from other countries.

It preserves the all-important catechins and other metabolites that make matcha tea unique. No other tea can match the sheer volume of health inducing ingredients found in a single teaspoon of authentic matcha green tea powder.

Powerful Nutrients

Unlike regular tea drinkers, matcha tea drinkers ingest the entire tea leaf. This is not the “infusion” or tea-bag process that regular teas use. Drinking matcha means actually consuming whole tea leaves (minus the veins and stems) in the form of a highly concentrated powder.

That’s why matcha overflows with powerful nutrients like L-theanine, a calm inducing amino acid found almost exclusively in tea.

Matcha’s most famous compound, however, is a catechin called EGCG or “epigallocatechin gallate.”

According to a study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, EGCG boosts your metabolism, thus enhancing weight loss. Studies also show EGCG may help prevent heart disease, improve skin quality and even speed exercise recovery.

More Clarity, More Energy, More Life

Matcha tea contains a small amount of caffeine that works in concert with its amino acids to actually boost your energy level without the coffee crash or jittery side-effects. Matcha tea helps you stay alert and focused, but also mentally calm.

So, a sense of calm well-being, heightened mental focus, more energy, weight control and all the benefits of concentrated nutrients and natural goodness.

Excellent reasons to make My Matcha Life® matcha tea part of your daily routine!

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