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Instead of simply soaking a teabag in water, our matcha contains the entire tea leaf in a finely-ground, rich green powder. Its unique taste comes with an historic Zen tradition and health-inducing properties other teas can’t match. It’s an enticing combo our customers embrace with devotion.

Videos and Photos

Videos & Photos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then it’s here we speak volumes — although most of these entries will be videos which speak for themselves. Get to know our CEO, Calli O’Brien. Calli and friends host a series of informative videos demonstrating some delightfully frothy matcha making techniques.

Matcha News

Matcha News

Matcha tea is considered the world’s healthiest beverage. Our My Matcha Life News will help you stay informed on the latest scientific analysis, health headlines and tea industry reports concerning green and matcha tea. And look for our tea buyer’s guide and some tips to ensure you’re getting good products at fair prices.

About Town

About Town

Every month or so, our My Matcha Life team abandons the office to spend a day or two actually meeting and greeting our friends and customers. We attend tea trade shows, store demos, exhibitions, competitions and open markets. About Town is where you’ll find our special event information and some fun photos, too.

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