My Matcha Life Launches Matcha pUre

My Matcha Life Media Release

My Matcha Life Launches Matcha pUre™

Matcha Goodness in Single Packet Convenience

VANCOUVER, Canada ( July 21, 2017 ) — My Matcha Life™ Products Inc. is very pleased to introduce the newest member of our popular family of 100% authentic Japanese matcha tea products. Matcha pUre™ Ceremonial Singles are a convenient solution for anyone looking for a healthy energy boost, mental clarity and a calm sense of well-being.

A quick and affordable introduction to matcha, Matcha pUre™ Ceremonial Singles are ideal hot or cold. In terms of health benefits, a single packet of Matcha pUre™ equals approx. 7-10 cups of regular green tea. Matcha is nature’s most abundant source of uniquely potent amino acids and antioxidants (see health benefits below).

Each packet of Matcha pUre™ contains 1.5 grams of the highest ceremonial grade of pure Japanese matcha tea available today. Matcha pUre™ packets are perfect for people on the go, travelling, at work, working out or simply enjoying a favourite activity. Matcha pUre™ Ceremonial Singles are available online at and through Super Natural Distributors (USA).

Concentrated Powder

Unlike regular tea, matcha tea contains the entire tea leaf (minus veins and stems) in a highly concentrated powder. Tea plants destined to become matcha spend weeks in the shade beneath specially designed coverings prior to harvest. Shading elevates production of the chlorophyll that produces matcha’s rich green color and smooth, satisfying taste.

The best leaves are carefully hand-picked, lightly steamed to prevent oxidation then air dried, de-stemmed and slowly ground between traditional granite grinding stones. It takes a full hour of grinding to produce just one ounce of our finest My Matcha Life™ matcha.

Nutritional Revolution

Weight loss is just the beginning of the nutritional revolution waiting in every cup of high quality matcha tea. One cup of matcha contains the nutritional benefits of 7-10 cups of ordinary green tea. Widely considered one of the healthiest beverages in the world, matcha practically overflows with powerful nutrients like L-theanine, a calm-inducing amino acid that noticeably promotes mental clarity and focus.

Matcha’s amino acids and caffeine work together to boost energy levels without jittery side effects. Matcha also contains an array of potent antioxidants, the most active of which is a compound known as “epigallocatechin gallate” or EGCG which is most often associated with weight loss and control.

My Matcha Life™

With headquarters in Vancouver, Canada, My Matcha Life™ Products Inc. is devoted to the principles of the Japanese Tea Ceremony: harmony, purity, respect and tranquility. Founder Calli O’Brien has traveled throughout Japan and North America working with producers, processors, retailers and customers learning about and sharing the tremendous benefits of matcha tea.

Our matcha is grown in the finest tea fields of Kagoshima near the city of Kyoto in southern Japan where matcha tea actually originated many centuries ago. We believe a matcha lover’s life blends active engagement with inner peace and tranquility. That’s the miracle of matcha tea.

Some drink it to ease day-to-day stress; some to power them across the finish line; others simply to contemplate and enjoy. Whatever your motivation, My Matcha Life™ products are among the finest quality matcha teas available in the world today.


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