Our Favorite Matcha Dinner Recipes

Most people know that they can add matcha to their smoothies or snacks, but they’re usually surprised to find out that they can add this popular powdered green tea to savory dishes, too. The next time someone asks you “What’s for dinner?” whip up one of these delicious matcha dinner recipes. And don’t forget to end the meal with one of our sweet matcha desserts.

matcha-watermelon-pokeWatermelon Poke with Matcha Dressing

Perfect for summertime and bursting with rich flavor and delightful textures! Sweet and savory, crunchy and creamy, all come together in this easy-to-make Hawaiian classic dish with a delectable Japanese Matcha twist. And it’s Vegan!

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Matcha Sesame Stir Fry

This recipe for Matcha Sesame Stir Fry is perfect for those nights you need to get dinner on the table fast. Ready in less than 30 minutes, this dish will make you feel like you’re eating the rainbow thanks to all of the colorful vegetables like red bell peppers, bright green broccoli, yellow baby corn and orange carrots. If you don’t have any of these veggies on hand, use whatever you have in your refrigerator. This recipe would be especially great at the end of the week when you need to clean out the fridge. Matcha Sesame Stir Fry also calls for chicken, but you could easily make it meat-free by substituting tofu or seitan for the chicken.

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Matcha Browned Butter Pasta

Turn pasta night into a luxurious affair with this recipe for Match Browned Butter Pasta. Browned butter has the ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, including a bowl of pasta. Even though this recipe uses simple ingredients, like spinach, tofu and parmesan cheese, it actually tastes incredible. The browned butter in this recipe gets an assist from our high quality culinary matcha powder: Foodie’s Matcha Tea. Thanks to the antioxidants in the matcha, this pasta dish will leave you feeling full and full of energy.

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Pecan Pear Goat Cheese Salad with Matcha Vinaigrette

If you’re not a fan of salads, this Pecan Pear Goat Cheese Salad with Matcha Vinaigrette will make you one. When people think of salads, it’s usually an image of a couple of pieces of limp lettuce and a slice of tomato. But this recipe is a flavorful party in a bowl. You get the creaminess from the goat cheese, the buttery texture from the diced avocados, the sweetness from the juicy pears and strawberries, and a bit of crunch from the candied pecans. Then you toss it all in a tangy Matcha Vinaigrette that will make you wonder why you haven’t thought about adding matcha powder to your dressing before!

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Use the Right Matcha!

When cooking with matcha, it’s important to work with a culinary grade matcha. At My Matcha Life™, our Foodie’s Culinary Grade Matcha is ideal for matcha lattes, smoothies, baking, and many other cooking applications. Foodie’s Matcha is made from second harvest tea leaves, providing a nice balance of nutrients—especially catechin antioxidants—and a strong green tea flavor.