Calli and Zee in Matcha Fields

Calli O’Brien

Calli OBrien is a long-time matcha marketer living in Vancouver, Canada and the CEO and co-founder of My Matcha Life®.

Calli belongs to a group of early adopters who first explored matcha’s North American market potential. Today, with exceptional matcha knowledge and a personable nature, she is highly regarded by matcha tea producers, retailers and consumers alike.

Since 2006 Calli has worked with the world’s top Matcha Tea Masters, toured Japanese mills where the finest matcha powder is still stone-ground to perfection, and managed the packaging, transportation, marketing and distribution of matcha tea products on three (3) continents.

Cool career highlights: Calli was an associate producer for a 26:00 minute matcha tea video documentary (2012); guest lecturer at the prestigious Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC (2014); and co-authored the Sage Group‘s definitive Matcha Report for business (2015).

Calli “CHOSE TO BE BOLD” when she launched My Matcha Life in 2015. She continues today boldly bringing innovative new matcha products to market (and by sticking herself all too frequently in front of a video camera!).

Zdenka (Zee) Cajthamlova

With a clear vision of the big picture and strong decision making skills, Zee becomes the beating heart of every company to realise the benefits of her management style. And she does it all with great fun and a positive, upbeat natural spirit.

With 22 years in the natural health products industry, Zee has worked in retail management, as VP of Operations for an international manufacturer, and as Chief of Operations for a national distribution company.

Zee first “CHOSE TO BE BOLD” when she was just 20 years old. She defected from the Czech Republic (under Communist rule at the time) to Canada, arriving with no money, no English, and no job.

Today, she continues to be bold, inspiring her friends, family and all of us here at My Matcha Life®.