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Tea Lover's Matcha

Tea Lover’s Organic Matcha Tea

[ Gluten Free ]
Tea Lover’s Organic Ceremonial Matcha Tea is certified organic and blended exclusively for My Matcha Life™ providing a rich complexity with a fresh, smooth finish and loaded with the mentally calming amino acid L-theanine. Try it today! Ingredients: 100% Organic Japanese matcha green tea. [ 1oz/30g tin ]

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Baristas Matcha

Barista’s Matcha Tea

[ Gluten Free ]
Barista’s Matcha tea is perfect for those who enjoy the matcha experience but don’t want to pay a premium price. Drink Barista’s Matcha on its own or add it to your lattes, smoothies and blender drinks. Ingredients: 100% Japanese matcha green tea. [ 2.8oz/80g tin ]

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Baristas Cafe Blend

Barista’s Matcha Café Blend

[ Gluten Free ]
Save $200 buying in bulk. Barista’s Matcha Café Blend is the same great matcha tea as our regular Barista’s matcha. This big 2.2 pound bag is designed for coffee bars, office staff or any matcha enthusiast looking for an amazing price! Ingredients: 100% Japanese matcha green tea. [ 2.2lb/1kg bag ]

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Foodies Matcha

Foodie’s Matcha Tea

[ Gluten Free ]
Foodies Matcha tea is for the Foodie in all of us. Chosen for its bright green color and strong matcha tea taste, Foodies’ Matcha adds a healthy factor to your culinary delights. And when you're finished creating in the kitchen, relax with a steaming matcha latte. Ingredients: 100% Japanese matcha green tea. [ 3.5oz/100g bag ]

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My Matcha Gift Set 

Gift Set

Our Matcha Gift Set is carefully wrapped in its own eco-friendly gift box, tied with ribbon, and packed in a secure shipping container. Each set includes 1 tin of Tea Lover’s Organic Ceremonial Matcha; 1 traditional Matcha Bowl and an authentic Japanese Matcha whisk.

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Matcha Bamboo Whisk

Bamboo Whisk

Yes, you can use an espresso frother to whisk your matcha tea, but it’s not very Zen-like! Why not treat yourself to a Matcha Bamboo Whisk (we know you’re worth it), then round out your matcha green tea experience with a Traditional Matcha Bowl and a Whisk Holder (a very useful item). You’ll be glad you did.

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Matcha Bamboo Whisk Holder

Whisk Holder

The Matcha Whisk Holder is the perfect partner for your matcha whisk. Its sole purpose is to increase your whisk’s longevity by helping to retain its shape and its sturdiness; both important for a satisfying froth.

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Matcha Bowl

Matcha Bowl

The traditional matcha bowl adds to your matcha green tea experience. Made in Japan from lead free ceramics it is narrow enough to hold the heat in, yet wide enough for vigorous whisking. Makes a great gift for yourself or for the matcha tea lover in your life.

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Thanks So Matcha Gift Cards

Thanks So Matcha Gift Card

Say thank you for the little things, the magical things, or for no reason at all. These unique thank-you cards convey a notion of fun and good health that anyone will appreciate. Order one, two, a dozen or more. Good things grow with gratitude!

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