Tea Lover’s Organic Ceremonial Matcha

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Tea Lover’s Organic Ceremonial Matcha

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Guaranteed Gluten Free

USDA/JONA Certified Organic Ceremonial Grade Japanese Matcha Tea. Hand picked during the first flush of spring, extremely smooth tasting, ideal for traditional style matcha and iced matcha. 1 oz tin / 30 servings. Tested for lead and radiation.


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SMOOTH TASTING, HAND-PICKED ORGANIC CEREMONIAL MATCHA TEA: Unlike other matcha teas, Tea Lover’s Matcha is shade grown and hand-picked at the first flush of spring when the leaves are young and fresh, bursting with the nutrients green tea is famous for. After picking, the leaves are de-stemmed and slowly stone ground into an ultra fine matcha tea powder. Most matcha is machine harvested (not hand-picked) then ball crushed, or heat pulverized into powder form, leaving the tea leaves with little nutrients and bitter tasting.

OUR MATCHA IS TESTED FOR LEAD AND RADIATION: Every batch of My Matcha Life® matcha is tested for heavy metals including lead. As well, we continue to have our matcha tested for radiation at a North America lab. We drink a lot of matcha as do our family and friends, we want to be 100% certain it is healthy and safe to drink.

RICH IN ANTIOXIDANTS & L-THEANINE: The L-theanine amino acid is exclusive to tea and in Tea Lover’s Organic Ceremonial matcha green tea you get a super concentration of it, more so than in lower grades of matcha. Because Tea Lover’s is picked during the first harvest in spring it naturally contains higher l-theanine. As the leaves sit under the sun until the second harvest in August, the sunlight changes much of the l-theanine into tannins, which make the tea leaf taste bitter. Tea Lover’s Matcha is also abundant in antioxidants especially green tea’s most famous one, the EGCG catechin.

100% AUTHENTIC JAPANESE MATCHA: Japan makes the best matcha tea and has for the past 800 years. Tea Lover’s Matcha green tea is grown and harvested in Japan using traditional Japanese methods of hand-picking, shade-growing, de-stemming, and slowly stone grinding. These simple, traditional methods make the best tasting and most nutrient dense matcha.

USDA/JONA CERTIFIED ORGANIC JAPANESE MATCHA GREEN TEA: 1 gram (1/2 tsp) of Tea Lover’s matcha gives you 10X the benefits of regular brewed green tea. Because it is certified organic you can rest assured the goodness is maintained all the way from the small tea farms of Japan right into your smooth tasting cup of matcha tea.

10 reviews for Tea Lover’s Organic Ceremonial Matcha

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jen Nixon

    Thank you so much! A beautiful tea set arrived today and I just had the best tea I’ve had in a very long time. I’d encourage anyone who really likes tea to try this. I’ve had matcha in Japan and really liked it. But I’ve had bad luck trying to find tasty matcha at local stores. Your matcha is delicious and reminds me of my travels in Japan.

  2. Janet M, Saskatchewan

    Hi Calli, I was excited to receive my order of My Matcha Life matcha tea today and just wanted to share my experience with you. My introduction to Matcha started with a small packet I bought at Nutter’s Health Food Store here in town. It was labeled Japanese Matcha and the clerk said it would be a good way to try matcha without spending much money. It was a sort of grey coloured powder. Frankly, it just tasted awful. I had received a gift certificate from Amazon so I went online and purchased an introductory kit which included the whisk, bowl and whisk stand plus a package of Matcha – made in China. It was a step up from the first stuff and was green but tasted quite bitter and didn’t give much froth. Determined as I was to drink Matcha, since I had done quite a bit of reading on it and learned how good it was for you, I then bought another type of Matcha at Nutter’s. This turned out to be quite good, was a beautiful green colour, gave a good froth and tasted really good. Because I’ve been following Ricki Heller’s anti-candida diet and her blogs and emails, I noticed she recommended your My Matcha Life matcha tea. I can see why. This is by far the best Matcha I have tried. Definitely a step up from the other Matcha teas in colour, taste and froth. The taste, especially, was very smooth and satisfying. I would highly recommend your product. Thank you for everything.

  3. R. Heller, RHN

    Just wanted to let you know I received my matcha yesterday and enjoyed some this morning. It’s fantastic!! Thank you so much for sending it along. :)

  4. Sherry Jopp, Illinois

    Your matcha is really terrific, it’s my first drink each morning. I’ve lost weight and it keeps going down, yay! I wanted the best and found it with yours, LOVE IT!

  5. Laura Simonson

    I fell in love with matcha tea over 8 years ago. I savor it every morning prior to my meditation. When I tried Tea Lover’s matcha, I fell in love all over again. This is the most exquisite matcha I’ve ever experienced.

  6. Patsy M. Woodstock, GA

    I have to say, the Tea Lover’s organic matcha is superb!! It is so smooth. You definitely have a winner!

  7. Grace B.

    Every time I taste Tea Lover’s I am struck by its deeply smooth and robust flavour. It’s never over-powering, just the perfect blend of subtle richness. Tea Lover’s is more satisfying than any other Matcha Tea I have tried.

  8. Anika Dovell

    I loved it, was really smooth and rich. I used it in a tea talk the other day, they enjoyed it.
    Anika Dovell, Certified Tea Sommelier

  9. Connie C.

    I received a little sample packet the other day and omigosh..My Matcha Life is really good; smooth and creamy.

  10. Brenda P, Oregon

    I wanted to tell you I had the most productive day in front of my computer yesterday, catching up on things I’ve set aside for a month or so. I attribute my focus and lack of stress to my new Matcha habit. I’m very excited about this new tool!

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