Foodies Culinary Matcha Tea

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Foodies Culinary Matcha Tea

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100% Japanese Matcha. Guaranteed Gluten Free Foodie's Culinary Matcha is 100% Japanese culinary grade matcha tea powder, 100 servings per bag, vibrant green, best for matcha lattes, smoothies and baking.

Which matcha is right for you?


  • STRONG MATCHA FLAVOR: Foodie’s Culinary Matcha Green Tea powder is made from 2nd Harvest tea leaves, providing a balance of nutrients with a strong green tea taste. Ideal for mixed beverages and baking.
  • VIBRANT GREEN COLOR 100 SERVINGS PER BAG: 1 gram (1/2 tsp) of our Foodie’s Matcha Green Tea Powder gives you the benefits equal to 10 cups of regular brewed green tea. Foodie’s Matcha is made from Shade grown tea leaves which are slowly stone ground into a very fine and vibrant matcha green tea powder
  • PURE MATCHA GREEN TEA POWDER NATURALLY GROWN: No sugar, nothing added, only pure good tasting matcha. Best for Matcha Lattes and Matcha Smoothies, and Baking. Foodie’s Culinary Matcha tea’s strong green tea taste also lends itself well to sauces, seasonings and pastries.
  • AUTHENTIC JAPANESE MATCHA GREEN TEA: Our Foodie’s Matcha tea powder is grown and harvested in Japan using traditional Japanese methods keeping all the nutrients, color and flavor intact. Only Japan has the international food safety facilities plus generations of knowledge to produce excellent quality matcha green tea.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Our Foodie’s Matcha Green Tea is an excellent culinary matcha for matcha lattes, matcha smoothies and baking, if you are not satisfied let us know within 30 days and we will give you your money back. Simple as that.

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2 reviews for Foodies Culinary Matcha Tea

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Amanda K.

    I’m a matcha lover and wanted to let you know your matcha was a hit, my family loved the matcha shortbread cookies.

  2. Lindsey K.

    Thank you so much! It was great meeting both of you. I have been loving my matcha lattes and can’t wait to make some cookies too :) Thanks again!

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