Matcha Tools & Accessories

My Matcha Life® is pleased to offer all of the matcha tools and accessories you need to make the perfect cup of matcha. Whether you’re new to matcha or are looking for a great gift for your favorite matcha lover, explore our bundles and accessories today!




Matcha Green Tea Set

Matcha Green Tea Set

Our Matcha Green Tea Set accessories bundle has all the tools you need to make the perfect cup of matcha tea: our hand-made Bamboo Whisk, Whisk Holder and traditional Matcha Bowl. Make every cup of matcha fast, easy and fun. Perfect for you or as a gift.

USD $56.59  /  CAD $64.06


Matcha Tea Bamboo Whisk

Matcha Tea Bamboo Whisk

Yes, you can use an espresso frother to whisk your matcha tea — but it’s not very Zen-like! Handmade from one piece of bamboo, this traditional Matcha Tea Bamboo Whisk is the best tool for whisking your matcha into a tasty, foamy froth.

USD $17.99  /  CAD $19.99


Matcha Tea Whisk Holder

Matcha Tea Whisk Holder

The Matcha Tea Whisk Holder is the ideal partner for your matcha whisk. Its sole purpose is to increase your whisk’s longevity by helping to retain its shape and its sturdiness — crucial to creating a satisfying froth with every cup.

USD $11.99  /  CAD $11.99


Japanese Matcha Tea Bowl

Japanese Matcha Tea Bowl

A traditional matcha bowl will enhance your matcha green tea experience. Made in Japan from lead free ceramics, this high-quality bowl is narrow enough to hold the heat in, yet wide enough for vigorous whisking.

USD $32.99  /  CAD $37.99


What Sets My Matcha Life Apart

Choose the right matcha for you!

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100% Organic Japanese Matcha

Our USDA certified organic ceremonial grade matcha green tea is grown and harvested in Japan using traditional Japanese methods of hand-picking, shade-growing, de-stemming, and slowly stone grinding. These simple, traditional methods make the best tasting and most nutrient dense matcha.

Nutrient Rich

Our ceremonial matcha powder offers the highest concentration of nutrients. It is packed with L-theanine amino acids which, combined with gentle levels of caffeine, provides a calm, sustained energy boost without jitters. It is rich in antioxidants like EGCG catechin which is believed to reduce inflammation, aid in weight loss and boost immunity.

Ceremonial vs Culinary Grade Matcha: What’s the Difference?

If you’ve done some research to find the right matcha product for you, you’ve likely come across various grades. Two of the most familiar are “ceremonial” grade and “culinary” grade matcha. Here’s what you need to know about the differences between them, see below …


Ceremonial Grade Matcha

Our ceremonial grade is the finest quality matcha tea available today. Suitable for traditional preparations and served either hot or iced, it offers a smooth mild flavor, high concentrations of nutrients and a silky texture. My Matcha Life® Tea Lover’s ceremonial matcha is made from young first harvest tea leaves bursting with the nutrients green tea is famous for.

Culinary Grade Matcha

Culinary Grade matcha is ideal for making matcha lattes and smoothies and for baking and other food products. My Matcha Life® Foodie’s Culinary Matcha is made from shade grown second harvest leaves providing a vibrant green color with a nice balance of nutrients and a stronger (often preferred) green tea flavor.