Let's Make Matcha Green Beer!

Matcha Green Beer Recipe

And Enjoy St. Paddy’s Day!

Looking for a Matcha Green Beer recipe for St. Patrick’s Day, or just a fun matcha green tea beverage or cocktail to cool off with on a hot sunny day? Look no further, we’ve got you covered. This Matcha Beer recipe is super simple to make, refreshing, and delicious!

Grab your favorite beer, whether it’s a Guinness or a Lager, ok maybe a Pale Ale. Prepare a matcha slurry by using a great tasting, bright green colored matcha tea, like our Tea Lover’s Organic Matcha, and in no time, you will be chilling out, refreshed and invigorated with a big smile on your face!

(Keep in mind this recipe calls for zero sugar, we’re going to say that again, ZERO SUGAR. Who puts sugar in beer? We know they make it like that in Japan but… bleh!! You can make it Zero Alcohol though by using a good tasting fake beer instead. Was that just an oxymoron? Good tasting fake beer? Well, we hear there are a few out there, if you find one let us know!)

Now let’s dive into the Matcha Green Beer Recipe below!


1 teaspoon of high-quality Matcha green tea powder
1 oz cool filtered water
500 ml of your favorite beer (1 bottle, up to 16 oz)
1 beer glass, chilled.


1. In a separate bowl, make a matcha slurry by mixing the powder with 1 oz of cool water. Make sure to press the mixture into the sides of the bowl and press out any clumps or small balls of matcha (high quality matcha is fresher than others and will often form small balls of powder that need to be broken up).
2. Optional: Whisk the slurry until frothy using a Traditional Matcha Whisk, or a milk frother.
3. Pour the matcha slurry into the chilled glass, then pour your beer on top.
4. Optional: add a squeeze of lemon, and garnish with a lemon slice. ( Did you know that adding citrus to matcha makes its amazing antioxidants more bioavailable? )
5. Drink and enjoy! Slainté

How did you like this Matcha Beer Recipe? Remember you will always have to make a matcha slurry with any matcha cocktail. Here are a few more fun Matcha Cocktails and Zero Alcohol recipes for you …

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PLEASE NOTE: Although we love a good matcha libation, just as much if not more so than most, it is important to drink responsibly. Enjoy and stay safe 💚.