When is the best time to drink matcha? That is a very good question and at My Matcha Life, we are in a unique position to offer you an educated answer.

Green tea boosts metabolism, burns fat, reduces stress and helps you concentrate. In fact, science shows green tea is perhaps the healthiest beverage on Earth. It also shows one cup of matcha green tea contains the healthy goodness of 10 cups of regular green tea.

That is the beauty of a good quality matcha. Because it is stone-ground into a super-concentrated powder, matcha tea delivers super-concentrated benefits. One or 2 cups a day is all you need to reap those tremendously healthy rewards.

The Best Time to Drink Matcha Tea

Most matcha drinkers consume just 1 or 2 cups a day. The best time to drink depends on what you are doing. Here are some good examples:

  • A gentle lift first thing in the morning
  • A mindful approach to a mid-day meeting
  • A nice pick-me-up as the afternoon wanes
  • A calorie-burning boost for your workout
  • A time for calm contemplation or meditation
  • A time to focus or be creative

Matcha’s most active metabolite (L-theanine) induces a state of relaxed awareness that can aid both memory and learning. A calm mind is free to focus more fully on whatever task you give it. Relaxed yet alert, you are better able to concentrate, create and recall. Matcha tea is perfect for today’s busy world. It was equally perfect for the meditative monks of ancient Japan.

Matcha Magic

Tired of sugar-laced energy drinks in plastic throw-away bottles? Say hello to matcha tea. Its natural nutrients provide a gentle boost that lasts for hours. Shake it up in your workout bottle before exercise to make the most of whatever you’re doing.

A study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition determined green tea (1) increases the body’s ability to burn calories while (2) improving physical endurance. All this without the caffeine crash or jitters.

Early research attributed the magic of matcha solely to caffeine but more recent studies show no single compound could produce matcha’s biological benefits. Instead, they now say, a unique synergy of concentrated nutrients is responsible for the inherently healthy physical effects matcha is famous for.

Learn more about the many health benefits, production methods and ancient history of matcha tea.