Teaching your body to burn fatty acids for fuel may be easier than you thought. If your weight has plateaued to a place you are not happy with, or you are a performance athlete trying to optimize energy levels, our long-time friend and Sports Nutritionist Sarah J. Cuff has good news (and a matcha tip) for you.

Use Matcha to Turn Fat into Fuel

Who is Sarah Cuff?

Sarah is a trained holistic nutritionist who has counselled and coached in the sports nutrition world since 2012. She currently specializes in helping athletes nourish themselves for optimal health and performance. In addition, Sarah is also a run coach and an avid runner.

Sarah Cuff endurance athlete running through the mountains. My Matcha Life blog post on training your body to be more metabolically efficient.

“As a holistic sports nutritionist and run coach, I get really excited about helping others achieve their goals because I have personally experienced just how profoundly the right nutrition strategy can positively affect health and performance.” Sarah has a love of food and running and this is why she specializes in sports nutrition for endurance athletes. Her focus and expertise make her the ideal person to discuss metabolic efficiency.

Training Your Body

In her recent blog post Metabolic Efficiency: Why You Should Care, Sarah says the key to becoming metabolically efficient is to train your body to use more fatty acids, as well as carbohydrates, for energy. So why does My Matcha Life® care about metabolic efficiency? And why do we think you might too?

Well, if you are any of the following:

  • An athlete
  • Tired of yo-yo weight loss tricks
  • On the other side of 50 (like we are)

… and you are concerned about keeping your body fit and healthy, then Sarah’s cutting-edge, science-backed revelations are worth checking out. Guaranteed you will discover a gem or two!

Check out more of Sarah’s great blogs HERE!

Two Matcha Facts to Remember

  Matcha’s EGCG catechin antioxidant helps the body signal the enzymes needed for fat oxidation, especially when used in conjunction with exercise. We have included an excellent set of references below for you to access for information.

  Tip: Boost your endurance and burn fat for energy by adding 1 tsp of Barista’s Matcha Tea to your water bottle or electrolyte mixture before or during exercise.


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Look Who’s Lovin’ What We’re Putting Out

Laura Simonson

Laura Simonson

Laura is Fueled by Plant Power

I am a lifelong athlete, passionate plant-powered foodie and founder of a thriving startup company: Virchew where we specialize in plant-based meals and treats for dogs. For as long as My Matcha Life® has been around it’s been part of my daily morning meditation ritual and healthy lifestyle. It’s also my armor during stressful business activities. If I’m feeling overwhelmed or anxious my Barista’s matcha helps calm my mind and refocus my energy. ~ Laura Simonson

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