L-Theanine benefits

L-Theanine Benefits

By Calli O’Brien, CEO My Matcha Life®

Did you ever drink matcha tea regularly but now find it’s missing from your daily routine?

What started you drinking matcha tea to begin with? Was it for more energy, to reduce stress, for its perceived health benefits, or to lose weight around your midsection?

Have you solved those issues or are they still around?

Good quality matcha – not the $20 per pound cheap stuff – has two (2) important nutrients that help with all those issues and aren’t found anywhere else: L-Theanine and Catechins.

L-Theanine is an amazing amino acid. It’s one of the best natural stress reducing tools you can find, especially in its whole food form, like matcha tea, where all the cofactors work synergistically.

Here’s a true life matcha and L-Theanine benefits story for you …

My MomWhen my mom (81 years old at the time) was looking after my ailing father, I would call her usually in the late afternoon and I could tell by the tone of her voice whether she’d had her matcha or not.

If I could hear a tightness in her voice, and her thoughts not clearly expressed, then I knew and I’d say, “Mom, have you had your matcha?” and she’d say, “No, not yet, I promise to do that right after we get off the phone.”

Other times I’d call, and her voice would be calmer. I could tell she was coping better and she would proudly tell me, “I’ve had my matcha!” She’s no longer with us (RIP Mom) but she drank high quality matcha from the time she was 80 until she passed away at 87.

She was on zero medications.

L-Theanine Benefits

L-Theanine tablets are available at natural health stores everywhere (and sell through the roof!) but the tea leaf is where L-Theanine comes from and high quality Japanese matcha green tea is nature’s highest source of it.

The higher the L-Theanine content in the leaf the smoother tasting the matcha and the more L-Theanine benefits you get.

That high L-Theanine makes us feel mentally and emotionally calmer, it helps us focus and improves retention and recall, it also increases dopamine levels so we feel happier!

Stress is affecting so many of us these days, from young teenagers, to overworked moms and dads, to the elderly as they deal with increased anxiety. We know good matcha isn’t cheap, but at $1 a day it’s not crazy expensive either.

Do yourself and your family a favor and get matcha back into your daily health routine.

Stay tuned for our next blog on Catechins. The science on its free radical fighting properties is overwhelming. Plus we’ll share some personal stories about weight loss, too.

Calli O’Brien, CEO My Matcha Life®

PS: For the most L-Theanine benefits, buy a good ceremonial grade Japanese matcha. You don’t have to buy from us, but ours is competitively priced, carefully tested for radiation and heavy metals, and a portion of each sale supports important school lunch programs for children.

Learn more about the many health benefits, production methods and ancient history of matcha tea.

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