Matcha tea has been around literally for centuries. Today more people than ever before enjoy its unique taste, outstanding health benefits, and its distinctive frothy texture.


To create this texture at home, follow this easy step-by-step guide to whisking your matcha into the frothy goodness you need for that perfect cup of matcha tea.

What Supplies Do You Need?

You need a few ingredients and supplies before you start whisking your matcha, including the following items:

Using a well-textured matcha powder will give you better results. In addition, your chasen is very important when making matcha tea. This bamboo Japanese whisk is designed specifically for mixing matcha tea, which is a key factor for achieving the perfect froth. While there are other alternative whisks, a chasen will work best.

How to Whisk Matcha

3 Steps to Make the Perfect Matcha Froth

There are three steps to creating the perfect matcha froth:

1. Make a Matcha Paste

Start by creating a matcha paste. To do so, use the following instructions:

  • Put half a teaspoon of matcha powder into your bowl.
  • Put ½ oz of hot water into your bowl. Avoid using boiling water.
  • Begin mixing the ingredients with your matcha whisk.
  • As you mix, break up any clumps. You want to have a smooth, thin paste before moving on to the second step.

2. Add More Hot Water and Start Whisking

Once you’ve created a smooth paste, it’s time to move on to the second step. Here, you’re going to add more water and begin whisking. Use the following instructions:

  • Add 2oz of hot water to your mixture. Your water-to-powder ratio is important in this step, and you don’t want the water to fill beyond a third of the bowl.
  • Begin whisking. Start off slowly in a zigzag motion with the whisk halfway into the liquid. Then, speed up your tempo and bubbles will start to form on the surface.
  • As you whisk, the bubbles will become smaller and turn into a froth.

3. Whisk Until You Reach Your Desired Result

As your froth begins to form, use the following instructions to complete the third step:

  • Continue whisking vigorously and you’ll soon start to notice the fresh matcha tea aroma. Be sure to whisk the water, not the bowl. The position of the whisk is important for achieving the perfect froth.
  • When your froth begins to build and you see a creamy surface, slow down your whisking speed, and break up any remaining large bubbles.
  • Twist the whisk for a finish with flair! Bring your whisk to the center and give it a gentle twist as you slowly bring it out from the bowl.
  • Once you have your desired result, pour your matcha into your cup, and enjoy!

Perfecting Your Whisking Form

Whisking with your chasen is easy to do, and there are a few techniques that can help you. These include:

  • Relaxing your wrist as you whisk. Let the whisk do the work.
  • Keeping your whisk mid-deep into the liquid, off the bottom of the matcha bowl.
  • Begin using a slow-pace, then speed up your whisking to a fast-paced tempo.
  • Using a zig zag motion, like an M or a W.
  • Whisking continuously for 20-30 seconds. Be patient and you’ll be rewarded by a bubbly, creamy froth covering your matcha tea.

All in all, creating the perfect matcha froth is easy to do if you use your whisk correctly and have the right supplies on hand!

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