Matcha Lovers

  • Customer Service
    Customer Service
    I found My Matcha Life while searching online for the pluses and minuses of green tea. After being completely confused on the subject, I emailed My Matcha Life and received an immediate...
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  • Naturo Matcha
    Healthy Hart
    My Matcha Life is the BEST matcha I’ve had in a very long time! Even my husband, who has never liked matcha, really liked it. I feel really good after drinking it,...
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  • Kristy crosses the finish line in good company.
    Renewable Energy
    At the age of 26, I had accepted that living with Celiac disease meant having minimal energy. This was extremely difficult as I work full-time and try to maintain an active lifestyle....
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  • Ricki Heller, RHN, PhD, is a holistic nutritionist, whole foods chef, writer, blogger and special diet coach.
    Holistic Nutrition
    Compelled to follow a restricted, gluten-free, anti-candida diet that allows no eggs, no dairy products, and no refined sugars (along with a dozen or so other verboten food types), I have been...
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  • profile_andrea
    Jungle Life
    Sometimes life can be a jungle – literally! As an entomologist, summer-time has me buzzing all day. When insects are in the field my days are long days. Be it field-work or...
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  • Melissa Stubbs, Stunt Woman
    Movie Magic
    As a professional athlete and stunt woman, I am always on the go. When not training, I’m either shooting a movie or traveling to the next project. I work hard and play...
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  • Profile Chris Featured
    Cold Shadows
    Turning sixty wasn’t something I was thrilled about. It’s not like I wasn’t expecting it, it just didn’t feel like a cause for celebration. It was more like crossing a line, like...
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  • Crista and Essenin
    Matcha Lifestyle
    My Matcha Life matcha is among the best I’ve had; smooth, rich and lots of flavour. I’ve been drinking matcha tea for 4 years. My husband just fell in love with it...
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  • Peggy Blumenthal
    Matcha Believer
    I am a matcha believer. I believe the hype, I believe in the health benefits, and I believe matcha makes a real difference in my life. I have seen those benefits first-hand...
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  • Matcha Lover's Lover
    California Fans
    Zama Tea My Matcha Life™ was very pleased recently to meet tea enthusiast and Zama Tea founder Leanne Herrera, who just happens to love our organic Tea Lover’s Matcha. So much so,...
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  • Profile Lars Nielsen
    Zen Out
    As a borderline expert with all things tea, it’s nice to settle into something with a quality that can be gauged simply by sipping. I don’t have to look for any side...
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  • Kits Beach Yoga
    Yoga Pro
    Toronto based yoga instructor Grace Burns is thankful to have discovered the wonderful nutritional benefits of matcha tea. “I love the mental calm and clarity it brings,” she says, “and the extra...
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  • Profile Laura Simonson
    Plant Power
    I am a lifelong athlete, passionate plant-powered foodie and natural health ambassador. Combine this with my years as a professional in the natural health industry, and rest assured I have been introduced...
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  • Busy Matcha Mom
    Busy Mom
    It took me a while to realize the effects of matcha tea, but as a result of drinking it I went from barely having enough energy to being able to think clearly...
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  • Calli Outward Bound
    Challenging Choices
    Calli.O’Brien is an avid matcha drinker and health enthusiast making her home near Kitsilano Beach in scenic Vancouver, Canada. “Where else can you run along the beach wearing shorts in the morning,...
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  • Tiffany Picard
    Rocky Mountain High
    Tiffany lives in Vancouver, Canada, and spends much of her free time outdoors taking advantage of the area’s legendary natural beauty. Her matcha life includes camping, hiking, snowshoeing and rock-climbing most weekends....
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