Calli and Mom Outward Bound

Our co-founder, Calli.O’Brien is an avid matcha drinker and health enthusiast making her home near Kitsilano Beach in scenic Vancouver, Canada.

“Where else can you run along the beach wearing shorts in the morning, then go skiing in the mountains in the afternoon?”

“My own matcha life is filled with challenging choices and opportunities.”

“Do I run the old-growth forest or along the beach today?” she wonders happily.

“Maybe roller-blade around the seawall.”

“Do I drink my Tea Lover’s matcha before exercising to burn fat or afterwards to speed recovery?”

“Maybe I’ll wait ’til I need more mental focus. Either way, these are good choices to have.”

Calli rarely goes a day without matcha.

“I’ve been passionate about sharing the tremendous health benefits of matcha tea for over a decade now and I probably always will be.”

“I saw how it helped my mom cope with my father’s illness and passing. I know it helped her live the last years of her own life with less stress and medication free.”

In fact, Calli’s mom discovered both the physical and emotionally fortifying properties of matcha tea a welcome and compelling part of her day.

She rarely missed the opportunity to offer a matcha tea to visiting family and friends, a regular parade of whom kept her kitchen happily chatty and warm.

“Mixing matcha tea with regular exercise and good eating habits is a winning recipe for a healthier, happier, more active life at any age,” says Calli.

“It’s a wisdom the Japanese embraced centuries ago. Now we can too.”