Customer Service Centered

I found My Matcha Life while searching online for the pluses and minuses of green tea. After being completely confused on the subject, I emailed My Matcha Life and received an immediate reply from the owner herself, Calli O’Brien, who put my worries to rest.

Since then we’ve had many communications and I never feel my questions are superfluous or annoying. Some confusion over my shipping address was resolved quickly and efficiently preventing my package from being shipped to the wrong address!

I also had the pleasure of speaking with Zee, My Matcha Life’s co-owner, who immediately responded to another question by sending me her personal phone number on a Sunday! I wish all purchase transactions could be so smooth and pleasant.

Obviously these two women are committed to their company and their customers. I applaud their product and customer service and encourage everyone to choose My Matcha Life as their source for matcha tea.

Maria F.
Philadelphia, PA

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