Zama Tea California

Zama Tea

My Matcha Life™ was very pleased recently to meet tea enthusiast and Zama Tea founder Leanne Herrera, who just happens to love our organic Tea Lover’s Matcha. So much so, she instantly added it to her store shelves in California.

Born in Japan, Leanne admits to a personal passion for all kinds of tea. “I knew my passion would quickly become a business,” she said, “making the people I meet healthier one cup at a time.” Thanks Leanne, we couldn’t agree more.

Zama Tea Company
434 El Camino Real | Tustin, Ca. 92780 | 714-884-3449

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  • Matcha Single Packets Ceremonial Grade 24 pk

    Matcha Packets 24

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  • Foodies New Bag New Label With Powder 400x400

    Foodie’s Culinary Grade Matcha

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  • Baristas Premium Matcha Tea

    Baristas Premium Matcha Tea

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  • Tea Lovers Organic Matcha Tea

    Tea Lovers Organic Ceremonial Matcha

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