Tiffany lives in Vancouver, Canada, and spends much of her free time outdoors taking advantage of the area’s legendary natural beauty. Her matcha life includes camping, hiking, snowshoeing and rock-climbing most weekends.

“I am a big tea fan, but matcha is special,” she explains. “It has a unique creamy, chocolatey flavour, and no other tea produces quite the same mental and physical effects. When I drink matcha, I almost immediately feel a sense of mental alertness, energy and focus. It’s perfect for rock climbing where you need mental as well as physical strength.”

She also explains that drinking matcha while climbing helps her control her liquids intake — especially on multi-pitch days when she is literally hanging off the side of a mountain for hours on end.

“It may sound silly, but during a long day of climbing, you don’t always have a convenient place to use the bathroom. So it’s important to control how much you drink, but you don’t want to be dehydrated either. Matcha is great because I can drink a small ‘shot’ of matcha with a little hot or cold water in the morning, rather than having to brew and drink a few cups of regular green tea to get the same energy boost.”

Tiffany’s favourite way to drink matcha is whisking Tea Lover’s Matcha in the traditional manner, but when camping she puts matcha in a water bottle with cold water, or a tumbler with hot water, and shakes it up. Or she combines Barista’s Matcha with a protein powder mix and shakes that up with water. “Matcha is so versatile and easy to prepare; it’s the ultimate traveller’s tea!”