Calli OBrien

Calli OBrien is a long-time matcha marketer living in Vancouver, Canada. Her experience creating new markets for Japanese matcha tea spans over a decade.

Calli belongs to a group of early adopters who first explored matcha’s North American market potential. With exceptional knowledge and a personable nature she is highly-regarded by matcha tea producers, retailers and consumers alike.

Having personally hand-picked matcha tea leaves in Japan, Calli learned the industry literally from the ground up.

She has worked with the best Tea Masters on the planet, toured the Japanese mills where the world’s finest matcha powder is still stone-ground to perfection, and managed the packaging, transportation, marketing and distribution of matcha tea products on three (3) continents.

A dedicated pioneer and promoter, Calli is a matcha tea industry expert (as well as a multiple-award-winning athlete). She co-wrote a matcha tea documentary, co-authored the definitive matcha tea Business Report, and was an invited guest lecturer at the prestigious Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC.

Calli OBrien addresses Smithsonian Institute Seminar, July 9, 2014

Career Highlights

  • Matcha tea marketer, enthusiast since 2006
  • Worked with leading matcha Tea Masters in Japan
  • Travelled throughout Japan, North America, the UK
  • Co-produced “Matcha: The Way of Tea” video documentary, 2012
  • Invited guest lecturer at Smithsonian Institute, Washington, DC, 2014
  • Co-authored “Matcha Business Report”, 2015
  • Launched My Matcha Life® Products Inc., 2015


Calli is available for interviews as well as matcha tea seminars and workshops.

Calli O’Brien
CEO, My Matcha Life®
(604) 737-2581

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