Smooth, Delicious, No Whisking Needed!

Barista’s Premium Matcha Latte is instantly delicious! Simply add hot or cold water and give it a good stir. Made from a blend of our Barista’s Japanese matcha tea powder with non-GMO coconut milk powder and vanilla. No sugar or sweeteners added and no whisking necessary!

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How To Make Barista’s Matcha Latte

Simply add 8-12 oz of water to 1 level tablespoon of Matcha Latte powder and stir well.

Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten Free, No Sugar Added

The matcha tea for your Barista’s Latte is made from a blend of smooth tasting, hand-picked, first harvest tea leaves and slightly stronger-tasting second harvest leaves. The result is a delicious matcha green tea with bold earthy tones and a robust nutrient profile of L-theanine for mental calmness, EGCG catechin antioxidants for free-radical fighting protection, and low caffeine for a clean steady boost of energy.

TESTIMONIALS: What Our Customers Are Saying!

“It mixed up great! I love the vanilla and didn’t need to add any sweetener! It’s very soft/smooth…velvety!” Brenna K.

“I love that it is all natural and simple ingredients. It’s a very smooth, nice taste where I can easily taste the matcha and the coconut too.” Katarina B.

“Best tasting, best quality, best mixing matcha latte. Nothing on the market even remotely compares.” Calli O. MML Co-Founder :-)

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