Matcha Recipes

Matcha Recipes

Super Matcha

It’s no secret matcha tea is over-flowing with the antioxidants we need to stay healthy and fit. It’s no secret matcha tea can even help lower the risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

But matcha tea has a secret identity most people don’t know about. That’s right, a secret super power. This quiet, unassuming tea is actually a super addition to almost anything you eat or drink. From pasta to pudding to punch, matcha brings an uber-healthy goodness to your dinner table or picnic.

It’s a darling of pastry chefs, pairs wonderfully with dairy products, and plays so nicely with sugar you’ll be inventing your own chocolate matcha wonder-puffs before you know it. Our super-easy, super-tasty roster of recipes will caress your culinary imagination.

So go ahead, get super with My Matcha Life™ matcha today.

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