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Baristas Buy 2 Get 1 Free

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Barista’s Premium Matcha Tea is 100% pure, authentically grown, Japanese matcha green tea powder. Ideal for those who enjoy matcha’s unique flavor, calm energy, and uber-healthy antioxidants without the premium price.

Sourced directly from small farms in Japan, this robust tasting, vibrant green matcha tea is excellent for matcha lattes, blender drinks, smoothie bowls, and even traditional matcha – hot or iced.

It gets rave reviews for taste and affordability, but also for the terrific energy and stamina it brings to even the most hectic lifestyles. Barista’s non-jittery caffeine, calming amino acids and potent antioxidants are purposely balanced to meet the demands of your busy day.

Barista’s offers tremendous value with 80 servings per tin (0.37 cents USD per cup). And when you get 1 tin FREE…. well, that’s pennies per cup, and you can’t beat that!

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PREMIUM MATCHA GREEN TEA WITHOUT THE PREMIUM PRICE: Barista’s Premium Matcha Green Tea is a blend of smooth tasting 1st harvest tea leaves and slightly stronger tasting 2nd harvest ones, producing a matcha green tea with bold earthy tones and a balanced nutrient profile of L-theanine, catechins, and caffeine. Barista’s non-jittery caffeine, calming amino acids and potent antioxidants are purposely balanced to meet the demands of your busy day.

OUR MATCHA IS TESTED FOR LEAD AND RADIATION: Every batch of My Matcha Life® matcha is tested for heavy metals including lead. As well, it is tested for radiation at independent North America labs. We drink a lot of matcha as do our family and friends, we want to be 100% certain it is healthy and safe to drink.

80 SERVINGS PER TIN. $0.37 USD PER SERVING: 1 serving of Barista’s Premium Matcha Green Tea Powder gives you the benefits of 10 cups of brewed green tea, and all you need is 1/2 tsp (1 gram). At $0.37 per serving anyone can afford to drink premium matcha green tea every day. Add Barista’s Matcha Tea to your matcha lattes, matcha smoothies & shakes. The earthy tones in Barista’s Matcha green tea also make it pleasant for whisking up as a traditional style matcha tea.

100% AUTHENTIC JAPANESE MATCHA: Japan makes the best matcha tea and has for the past 800 years. Barista’s Premium Matcha green tea is a blend of first and second harvest tea leaves and is grown and harvested on small farms in Japan using traditional methods of hand-picking, shade-growing, de-stemming, and slowly stone grinding. These simple, traditional methods make the best tasting and most nutrient dense matcha.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Our Barista’s Matcha Green Tea is an excellent matcha for matcha lattes and smoothies. If you are not satisfied let us know within 30 days and we will give you your money back. Simple as that.