Barista’s Tea Master’s Bundle

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Barista’s Tea Master’s Bundle

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Be your own barista! Our Barista’s Tea Master’s Bundle is the best matcha tea-making set for creating the perfect frothy cup of matcha tea, the way it was intended to be.

Barista’s Matcha Tin (80 servings per tin)

  • Barista’s Matcha Tin (80 servings per tin). Barista’s is 100% pure premium grade Japanese matcha tea with a rich bold flavor.

Handmade Bamboo Whisk

  • The 80 frond Whisk enhances your matcha experience and is designed solely for matcha tea. Whisking matcha into a rich creamy froth brings out its smoother taste profile.

Ceramic Whisk Holder

  • Helps maintain the umbrella-shaped fronds of the whisk which is necessary for effective whisking, protects the fronds from damage, and extends the life of the whisk.

Japanese Matcha Tea Bowl

  • Only traditional styled Matcha Bowls like ours give you the precise depth and width needed for vigorous whisking. Ours comes in an attractive shiny shade of black and is always lead-free.


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