matcha shorrtbread

With our shortbread summer solstice, the days get longer and busier, so we’re back with a tea pairing sure to give you a well-deserved boost. My Matcha Life CEO, Calli O’Brien, is as passionate about matcha tea as we are about shortbread, so we knew we’d get along. This article by Rose’s Shortbread Team.

Matcha is unique in the tea world for the special ways it is grown, harvested and processed. It also provides the healthy benefits of stress-relief, alertness and increased energy.

With its exacting process ( it takes an hour of tea leaf grinding to produce just one once of matcha tea! ) and its loyalty to the traditions of the Japanese tea ceremony, My Matcha Life matcha is the best you can buy.

So, of course, we think it goes perfectly with our shortbread.

Mixed, not steeped: How to prepare Matcha tea

Unlike other teas, matcha tea is mixed directly with water, rather than steeped, so that you consume the whole tea leaf. Much like the way we make shortbread, preparing My Matcha Life matcha is a traditional ritual.

  • Begin by mixing 1/2 to 3/4 teaspoons of matcha with a small amount ( about 30 mLs ) of hot water in a traditional tea bowl ( or something similar ) to form a rich green paste.
  • Now add another a cup of hot (but not boiling) water and, using a bamboo whisk (a chasen), whisk the mixture using a zigzag motion until frothy.
  • Add more water or other liquid, as desired.

The Perfect Pair, Rich Chocolate Shortbread and Deep Earthy Matcha

My Matcha Life’s 100% organic, ceremonial grade Tea Lover’s Matcha is the perfect match for our chocolate shortbread. The dark, natural cacao tones in our chocolate shortbread pair beautifully with the deep, earthy flavour of the tea. The lingering sweetness of the tea highlights the more apparent butter-and-sugar flavor of the shortbread.

Try Rose’s Shortbread and My Matcha Life At Home

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