Matcha KiK Peak Performance Chews

Matcha KiK

Tired of super sweet Sport Gels that create a sticky mess? Or Energy Chews where you need to eat five chews for just one serving?

Did You Know

High quality matcha delivers healthy sustained energy and increases mental focus. Great for improving sport performance, but try whisking up a matcha mid-race or when you’re hanging off a mountain!

So how do you get matcha’s health benefits into a tasty convenient format, make it super effective, and get all that into a single serving?

The solution…

Matcha KiK Performance Chews!

Matcha Kik Performance Chews
Kick your sport performance into high gear with lemon flavored Matcha KiK Performance Chews.
Only 1 soft chew per serving, not too sweet, just tasty and effective. 6 pk Tin or 30 pk Value Box
  Vegan     Keto Friendly
  No GMO     Gluten Free

We levelled up matcha’s natural performance effects by adding green tea caffeine and d-Ribose, a sugar that occurs naturally during metabolism and is essential for cellular energy but gets depleted during exercise. So we combined the ingredients into a zesty lemon-flavored soft chew you can take anywhere anytime.

For a complete list of ingredients, please see “Just the Facts” below.



Won’t Race Without My KiKs!

“I had 2 KiKs one night of my 200 mile run, and 3 the next, they didn’t leave a taste in my mouth and were super tasty. Appealed to me after 48 hours of running so that’s fantastic!”

Sarah J. Cuff, Ultra Runner / Sports Nutritionist

Sarah H

Achieved My Highest Heart Rate Ever! PB!

“I went for a ride yesterday and had a MATCHA KiK before I left. Achieved my highest heart rate ever. PB! Good sign. Excited to try out some more.”

Matt G., Cyclist / Triathlete / Business Owner

Matt G


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Every batch of Matcha KiK is tested for banned substances under the Informed-Sport program. Products undergo rigorous testing using ISO 17025 accredited methods to provide the highest level of assurance for athletes. For further information about the testing process, please visit


A Little Background On Why We Created Matcha KiKs ...

Ingredients ❯ Each Matcha KiK Contains ...

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