matcha whisk and stand

Do you really need a matcha whisk? Technically, no, you could simply use a spoon to blend a small amount of matcha in water to make the preliminary paste then add your hot water and stir again for matcha tea.

You could even use an espresso frother — though ancient Japanese monks would probably spin in their graves. Otherwise, you could shake it up in a hot tea glass or water bottle.

But people who use an authentic matcha whisk always say they should have gotten one sooner.

What are Matcha Whisks Made From?

Matcha whisks are handmade from good quality bamboo. The bamboo is dried and delicately sliced into thin strips, called fronds, prongs or tates, which are specially shaped to blend and dissolve matcha tea’s ultra-fine powder in water.

The whisking action creates a beautiful bubbly froth on the surface, giving your matcha tea a pleasantly light look and feel and enhancing your matcha experience.

To extend the lifespan of your whisk, be sure to store it on a genuine Matcha Whisk Holder to preserve the unique umbrella shape that’s so important to your matcha mixing efficiency.