Matcha News

Matcha News

  • Tao Sheng Article Featured
    Tao Sheng on My Matcha Life
    My Matcha Life CEO Calli O’Brien is the subject of an article prepared and published in Chinese by Tao Sheng of Vancouver. To read the complete article please click the image below, thank you. Courtesy Order your My Matcha Life favorites...
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  • Matcha Bamboo Whisk and Holder
    Matcha Whisk
    Do I really need a matcha whisk? Technically, no, you could simply use a spoon to blend a small amount of matcha in water to make the preliminary paste then add your hot water and stir again for matcha tea. You could...
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  • Staff of Life meets My Matcha Life
    Staff of Life
    Staff of Life meets My Matcha Life My Matcha Life is pleased to announce our matcha tea products are now available at the Staff of Life Natural Foods store in Santa Cruz, California, yay! Staff of Life Natural Foods 1266 Soquel Ave....
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  • Matcha News Media Release
    My Matcha Life Expands Product Distribution
    My Matcha Life Media Release My Matcha Life™ Expands Product Distribution Adds 700 Vitamin Shoppe© Locations VANCOUVER, Canada ( June 10, 2016 ) — My Matcha Life’s distribution of its premium quality powdered matcha green teas continues to expand. Matcha lovers can...
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  • Thanks So Matcha Gift Cards
    Thanks So Matcha Gift Cards
    Say thank you for the little things, the magical things, or for no reason at all. These unique $5.00 gift cards convey a notion of fun and good health that anyone will appreciate. Now available in the U.S. and Canada. Order one,...
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  • My Matcha Life pairs with Rose's Shortbread
    My Matcha Life Pairs With Roses Shortbread
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  • This is Matcha
    Forget Everything You Know About Tea – This is Matcha
    For over 4,000 years the Chinese have used tea as a medicine for inflammation, fever, anxiety and a host of other health concerns. They introduced visiting Japanese Zen Buddhist monks to its wonderful healing properties in the 8th or 9th century in...
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  • Matcha Stress Relief
    Concentration Anxiety & Matcha Green Tea
    Do you or your children suffer anxiety issues or lapses in concentration or both? If so, drinking just one cup of high-quality matcha green tea every day may help. Tea leaves contain an important amino acid called L-theanine which plays an important...
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