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Hang On with Matcha KiK

Energy • Endurance • Focus • Antioxidants

KiK your busy day or game into high gear with lemon flavored
Matcha KiK Performance Chews
for mind and body.

Informed Sport Approved


Runners in the Middle
Sport Performance

KiK Your Sport Performance into High Gear!

Athletes swear by MATCHA KiKs for sustained mental focus, energy, and endurance. Use before and during your workout or competition.

Mister Multi-Tasker

KiK Your Work Day into High Gear!

Have an important meeting? Need to ace your next presentation or performance? Grab a MATCHA KiK when you want your body and brain at the top of their game.

Business Traveller

KiK Your Travel Experience into High Gear!

Need to be focused and energized after your flight? Whether for pleasure or business, MATCHA KiKs are a must-have for today’s busy traveller.


Currently not available in Canada


Quality Ingredients

Premium Japanese Matcha
Bioenergy Ribose
Green Tea Caffeine

Each Matcha KiK Contains

Premium Japanese Matcha

  • Mental focus and clarity
  • Powerful antioxidants

Bioenergy Ribose®

  • Ribose is the backbone of all cellular energy

Green Tea Caffeine – 60mg

  • For mental focus
  • Sustained energy

Soft Chewy Formula

  • 1 Chew per serving
  • Zesty lemon flavor
  • Take anywhere, chew anytime
  • Fast acting

Recyclable / Reusable Packaging


Matcha KiK Fans

Sarah J. Cuff

Won’t Race Without My KiKs!

“About 40 km into my 50 miler I got passed by 2 guys, then I took a Matcha KiK… I passed those two guys back, then I passed 5 more guys! I was FLYING!!!”

Sarah J. Cuff, Ultra Runner/Sports Nutritionist

Matt G / Triathlete

Achieved My Highest Heart Rate Ever! PB!

“I went for a ride yesterday and had a MATCHA KiK before I left. Achieved my highest heart PB! Good sign. Excited to try out some more.”

Matt G., Cyclist/Triathlete/Business Owner

Shannon M / Photographer

Had to Hide Them From My Husband!

“”I initially only ordered a tin of 6 Kiks and was down to the last one and needing energy for an afternoon photo session when my husband asked where I kept them. I didn’t want to reveal my hiding place! Needless to say we now order the 30 Pack and he gets full access!”

Shannon M., Photographer


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To us being bold means feeling the fear and going for it anyhow. It could be writing the first page of your book, or speaking up when you’d normally stay quiet, or maybe it’s climbing Mount Everest. Whoever you are and whatever you do – go for it – with Matcha KiK Performance Chews.

Currently not available in Canada