Multi Matcha Sampler

Matcha Sampler Whisk and Powder

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What You Get

One full serving (1/2 tsp) of each of the following matcha teas:

  • Tea Lover’s Organic Ceremonial Matcha Tea: deliciously smooth, bright vibrant green, chock full of the mentally nurturing amino acid L-theanine.
  • Barista’s Matcha Tea: perfectly balanced with powerhouse nutrients, ideal for lattes, mixed beverages and even traditional style: in hot water.
  • Foodie’s Culinary Matcha Tea: for baking and beverages, strong green tea taste, vibrant green color, ideal for culinary use, lattes and blender drinks.


Actress Nia Peeples “I love, love, love the energy and focus I get from My Matcha Life matcha tea and you will too.”
~ Nia Peeples, Actress
Writer Lane Hudson “Tea Lover’s organic matcha is a healthy, great tasting way to start my day. I love what it does for me.
~ Lane Hudson, Writer
Stunt Woman Melissa Stubbs “I work and play hard and push my body and mind to their limits. My Matcha Life is my secret weapon.”
~ Melissa Stubbs, Stunt Coordinator
Clint Carroll “I just switched from coffee to matcha. My Matcha Life is the real deal, a smooth kick and no side effects.”
~ Clint Carroll, Pro Surfer

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