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Barista’s Recipes

Recipe Beverage Cold WaterCOLD WATER ( for the gym, yoga, exercise )

1 water bottle filled ¾ with cold water
½ tsp Barista’s Matcha

Add matcha to your water bottle and shake vigorously.

This pure matcha/water combo will burn more fat and get you going with a nice lift of energy.
These gals use it to sustain themselves while snowshoeing in the mountains around Vancouver.

Matcha Smoothie RecipePOWER SHAKES ( for mornings and pre-workout )

1 tsp. Barista’s Matcha
1 banana (option: freeze peeled banana chunks overnight)
1 orange, peeled
2 cups spinach
2 cups almond, rice, hemp or coconut milk

1. Combine spinach and milk first; blend until smooth.
2. Add fruit and blend again until smooth.
3. Add matcha and blend 10 more seconds.
Tip: use less milk for a thicker smoothie.
Photo by Wild Tofu | Creative Commons

Matcha Latte RecipeMATCHA LATTES ( for matcha-laxing )

1 tsp. Barista’s Matcha
1 cup almond, rice, hemp or coconut milk
Optional sweetener

1. Bring milk to a simmer on medium high heat.
2. Add sweetener to milk if desired.
3. Place matcha in a mug or bowl.
4. Add a few tablespoons of hot milk to matcha.
5. Whisk milk and matcha until smooth and frothy.
6. Add remaining milk, stir.
Option: lightly sprinkle with matcha powder.

Traditional Matcha RecipeTRADITIONAL MATCHA ( for daily health and prior to exercise )

½ tsp. Barista’s Matcha
8-12 oz hot but not boiling water (165-185F)

1. Place matcha in bottom of matcha bowl or wide bottomed mug.
2. Add small amount of water and make a paste
3. Add a 2-3 more ounces of water and whisk in zig zag motion until frothy
From here you can add your remaining water or transfer to a mug. Leave room for vigorous whisking.